65th Annual

Natchitoches Fall Pilgrimage Tour of Homes

Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of



Steel magnolia tour of homes tOWN TOUR Saturday, October 12th 9am-4pm

Steel Magnolia House and Garden 320 Jefferson Street This world-famous home was center-stage throughout the movie production.

Lemee House and Garden 310 Jefferson Street This 1840’s residence was Ouiser’s home; its garden was site of the famous bench scene.

Maison Louisiane 332 Jefferson Street Historic District home featured in the movie.

Ragan House and Styles Beauty Shop 320 Shoreline Drive Tour a working Natchitoches beauty shop that has done real Natchitoches Steel Magnolia’s nails and hair for generations! The movie’s stars spent a good bit of time here. Featuring the original Truvy’s sign used in the movie.

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steel magnolia tour of homes cane river Country tour, Saturday and Sunday October 12th & 13th 9am-4pm

Cherokee Plantation 3110 State Hwy. 494 Site visited by the movie stars and their celebrity friends during breaks from filming.

Oakland Plantation 4386 State Hwy. 494 Part of Cane River Creole National Parke, Oakland Plantation is one of the most intact Creole cotton plantations in the United States. Open daily. Free; No admission.

Melrose Plantation 3533 State Hwy. 119 Site owned by the Association for the Preservation of Historic Natchitoches. Margaret Harling, mother of the playwright and screen writer, Robert Harling and the real-life inspiration for Sally Fields’ M’Lyn character, was an important long-time member of the APHN. The result of her hard work can be seen in the preservation of Melrose. The tour will honor her work as a leader of the APHN.

Saint Augustine’s Catholic Church 2250 Hwy. 484 Site of the beloved wedding scenes. Tour church and cemetery, and enjoy the Annual Saint Augustine Church Fair.

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shelby’s wedding reception Saturday October 12th, 7pm-9pm

Steel Magnolia House 320 Jefferson Street Come and dance to very same band that played in the movie’s wedding reception 30 years ago as the APHN recreates Shelby’s wedding reception!

Guests will enjoy a classic Natchitoches wedding feast served by Shelby’s maids of honor. The menu will include; sparkling wine, lemonade, mini meat pies, jambalaya, catfish strips and a tasty selection of hors d’oeuvres from APHN’s own cookbook and an Armadillo Cake!