Students Get Firsthand Look at What They've Learned About in Classroom

North Louisiana Middle School Teacher Shaune Charrier continues a five-year long tradition of bringing her students to Melrose Plantation to reinforce what they've learned in the classroom. Melrose was recently host to approximately 100 7th graders from Green Acres Middle School who came to get a first hand look a pieces of Louisiana History that they've been learning about in class. According to Charrier, the Clementine Hunter murals housed on the second floor of the African House were the biggest hit at Melrose Plantation. The new conserved murals gave them a visual representation of life on the old plantation, showing people in many situations from church meetings to wash days, to visits to the “honky tonks.” “We wanted to keep it educational, but we wanted students to have some fun, too,” she said. For more info on our educational tour provisions, click here.