1. Please check in at the Melrose Bindery to confirm appointment, make payment, and receive any last-minute information. The photographer and entire party should check in together.


2. The standard rate is $100 per subject photographed.


3. The maximum party size, including photographer and staff, is 5. An additional $5.00 charge will be assessed to each individual beyond 5 in the party.


4. Hours for photography are Tuesday through Sunday between 10 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. The photo session must be completed by 4pm.


5. If you would like to make arrangements to take photographs outside of our regular hours you will need to schedule it with APHN Administration and pay an additional fee.


6. Brides/Grooms/Graduates should come dressed as there are no designated changing rooms available on- site however; a small public restroom is available for quick changes.


7. You are welcome to use the stairs and galleries for photo settings, but please remember that our tour groups have the right of way. Also please be aware that tours might be ongoing in the house or in the gardens nearby. For that reason, we ask that you keep noise to a minimum so you don’t interfere with our guests’ enjoyment of the house and grounds.


8. For your safety, photos are NOT allowed on the cisterns. Please DO NOT move benches or outdoor furniture on porch or in gardens.


9. Smoking is not permitted on any APHN Historic Site.


10. Pets are not allowed on site.


Email Info@MelrosePlantation.org for full contract.