DEPOSIT: At the time application is made, a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the rental fee is required to reserve the date and time. If event is cancelled at any time or full rental rate is not paid within 30 days prior to event, the deposit of 50% will be retained and event date(s) will be released. Any additional monies advanced by Renter against rental charge shall be returned. Association for the Preservation of Historic Natchitoches (The Association, Melrose, or APHN) management shall perform an inspection of the site before and after for verification of site integrity. In the event of a natural disaster APHN will move deposit to another date within 30 days.


EVENT DURATION: Rental is an hourly fee with a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 300 invited guests. Event duration must be agreed by contract signing. An overtime fee of $350.00/hour will be charged to the renter if event duration exceeds the agreed time limit. All events must conclude by 11:00 pm


EVENT LOCATION: All functions take place in the Melrose Plantation gardens. Melrose Plantation is a historic house museum and not available for any rental activity. The site offers NO area under roof/cover in the event of rain. You must be rent your own tents.


FOOD & BEVERAGE: Beverages contained in glass bottles are NOT allowed on the premise, excluding wine. APHN provides the downstairs kitchen and covered patio to caterers in order to warm or store food. Arrangements must be made through the renter and caterer. Caterers must provide proof of insurance and alcohol license, if applicable. 


SEATING & MUSIC: Rental, delivery, and installation of tents, tables, chairs, and dance floor must all be coordinated through the caterer and renter. A DJ or Band are allowed on the property and should set up in the time allotted before the event. Electricity use must be closely monitored as to not trip the breaker. Delivery times must be scheduled with the APHN staff in advance. APHN does not provide any above mentioned items. Any and all equipment brought onto the premises by the renters is present at the renter’s risk. Such equipment may be inspected for safety and security by the APHN staff. The association shall in no way be responsible for loss or damage of such equipment


DECORATIONS: Event decorations may not obstruct any museum, emergency, or way-finding signage. Screws, nails, or staples are not allowed on the trees or historic structures. Silly string, or confetti are prohibited.


ATTENDANT: APHN will provide a staff attendant on site. Attendant will enforce rules set forth in this contract and report any infractions to the association management and legal team. The APHN attendant reserves the right to shut down any event at any time if deemed necessary (if law enforcement or management should be contacted for excessive noise, angered behavior, threats to site integrity, etc.)


SECURITY: APHN shall not be liable or responsible for any personal property of the Renter or any person. A security guard may be required on site for the duration of the event.


ANIMALS: Renter shall not bring, nor permit any person to bring any animal onto the Historic site.


NO SMOKING: Smoking is not permitted on any APHN Historic Site.


CLEAN UP: All trash must be contained within lined trash cans. All materials and equipment must be removed promptly following the event within the time listed under EVENT DURATION. APHN does not provide cleaning supplies or garbage removal. Trash bags should be removed from the site by the caterer before renter vacates the property.


INDEMNIFICATION CLAUSE: Upon inspection and acceptance of the rented space, renter shall assume full responsibility for the condition thereof and agrees to indemnify and hold APHN harmless against liability to third parties resulting there from. Renter further agrees to indemnify and hold APHN harmless against any loss or liability for or on account of an injury of persons or damage to property.


RATES: $250.00/hour, minimum 2 hour rental. Rental times must include setup and cleanup. 


Email for full contract.